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The Green Bay Garden Blitz is a program run by the New Leaf Foods company headquartered in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Its purpose is to encourage local residents to create a garden in their home and provide the techniques needed for their gardening success. One of the bigger goals of the company and this program is making the city a more sustainable place by focusing on local food sources in efforts to eliminate travel costs, pollution, and excess waste.


Mission and Vision

The goal of Green Bay Garden Blitz is to help the community become a more sustainable place by installing garden boxes in local schools, shelters, food pantries, senior living homes, community centers, and people's homes. The way that New Leaf Foods implements this is having volunteers installing garden boxes by way of volunteers. Volunteering brings the members of the community together as they share their work with other members of the Green Bay area.

New Leaf Foods

The company that runs Green Bay Garden Blitz is the company New Leaf Foods. Headquartered in Green Bay Wisconsin, they follow 5 main principles that line up with not only the vision of Green Bay Garden Blitz, but the idea of the environment in mind.


New Leaf Foods follows 5 main goals when approaching their company and their programs.

1.) Improve access to healthy food.

2.) Promote Wellness.

3.) Build a thriving sustainable local food system.

4.) Support a healthy and natural environment.

5.) Promote community development in the Green Bay area.

Mission of New Leaf Foods

"New Leaf Foods, Inc. supports the health and well-being of individuals and families through healthy food access, education, and cooperation to support local food development in a healthy sustainable environment." [1]


"We support the health and well-being of the people of the Green Bay area and Northeast Wisconsin with programs that educate consumers about healthy food; improve access to healthy food, particularly for underserved populations; and promote local family farm and food enterprise development and cooperation among consumers, producers, and citizens. Our goal is to enhance the ability of consumers to obtain and prepare the good food we need to raise healthy families while sustaining access to good food for good health for generations to come. New Leaf Foods is working collaboratively with New Leaf Market Cooperative to construct a facility that will serve as a healthy community food hub. In the healthy community food hub, New Leaf Food, Inc. will provide programs, resources, education, and research to projects that connect improved access to healthy food for the people of Greater Green Bay to enhanced opportunities for those throughout Northeast Wisconsin who supply our food from farm to table." [2]


Started in 2014, the Green Bay Garden Blitz has successfully created and installed more than 400 gardens and garden boxes in the Green Bay area. With the help of over 100 volunteers each year since 2014, the gardens and garden boxes have become a more integral part to the Green Bay area.

Past Contributions

From 2014 to 2018, the Green Bay Garden Blitz Program has installed 476 garden beds and has had over 400 volunteers assist with the program to accomplish this goal. [3] Each year over 100 volunteers come out to help install and update new and existing garden boxes as well as teach new recipients of the garden boxes how to properly care for and maintain a garden.


Every year, a wrap up party is held to celebrate the ending of each years efforts. In 2018, the party was held on May 10 at 5pm at the Green Bay Botanical Garden.

The main event of installing and setting up the garden boxes occurs in early May each year. In 2018, the event took place over three days, May 5th, 6th, and 7th. At the end of the weekend and that Monday, 71 more garden boxes had been delivered to the community in order to further the sustainability of the community. [4]

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