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Newport State Park is a large state park located at the tip of Door County, Wisconsin. The park was established in 1964 and was originally called Europe Bay State Park. The park was previously called this because of the nearby Europe Lake. Six years later, the park was named Newport State Park. Newport State Park offers just shy of 2,400 acres of forest and over 10 miles of lake shoreline. Visitors have the option to backpack camp at the park or have day picnics. Visitors also come to Newport State Park to bird watch, since the park is home to a variety of birds. This state park is a great place to vacation, or to spend a day with the family. Reservations and parking permits are required for Newport State Park. Additional information can be acquired by calling (920)-854-2500.

 Newport State Park's entrance sign
Newport State Park's entrance sign. Source: [1]


Newport Sate Park is located at 475 County Road NP, Ellison Bay, WI 54210. The park is located at the very tip of the Door County Peninsula off of Highway 42. From the city of Green Bay, Newport State Park is a swift hour and a half drive. The park is surrounded on its coastline by Lake Michigan, Rowley Bay, and also Europe Lake. The Newport State Park is extremely accessible to all those who wish to visit the beautiful and natural park. [1]

 Newport State Park is located at the tip of Door County. The park is right off of Highway 42.
Newport State Park is located at the tip of Door County. The park is right off of Highway 42. Source: Great Wisconsin



The main attraction to the Newport State Park is camping. The visitors who come to camp at this state park are required to make reservations at one of the fourteen campsites. The campers are also required to purchase a parking pass. Newport State Park is a "backpack" camping only. This means that campers are only allowed to take everything they need to their campsite by backpack. There are many general rules that come with camping at Newport State Park. Some of the rules include not burning recyclables, no transporting firewood, and no use of fireworks. These rules generally apply everywhere and are enforced for the safety and well-being of campers and the park. The rules enhance the overall camping experience while being surrounded by the 2,400 acres of land and trees. [2]

 Hiking trail at Newport State Park
One of the many hiking trails at Newport State Park. Source: [2]


At the Newport State Park, there are over thirty miles of hiking terrain to experience. Along these hiking trails are panels that give description of the area. These panels are very interactive and enhance the hiking experience for people of all ages. For the visually impaired hikers, there are "Discovery Pens" that give an audio experience. The "Discovery Pen" has content about the trails and bird audio. The Newport State Park tries to make a family-friendly experience for everyone. [3]

Bird Watching

Another activity that takes place at Newport State Park is bird watching. Many bird watchers are attracted to go to Newport State Park because of the variety of birds that call the state park their home. Walkers, hikers, and bird watchers are able to see birds associated to the Door County area such as different shorebirds, cranes, and eagles. [4]

Upcoming Events

In the Summer of 2017, Newport State Park plans to host a variety of events. These events include bird watching on May 3rd, wildflower identifying on May 6th, Perseid Meteor Shower on August 12th, and Newport Wilderness Day on September 3rd. All of these activities can be located at the Newport State Park. The activities offered are also found on the Door County Pulse website if more information is needed. [5]

History of Newport Park

Newport State Park was founded in September of 1964, and was originally called Europe Bay Park. Six years later, the park was named Newport State Park. In 1979, there were few major goals that the park committee wanted to set in place for the future of the park. [6] The goals were made to keep development simple, manage the park as a wilderness area, enforce a naturalist program, and also encourage low-impact recreation. Many of these goals have been reached. For example, they achieved the goal of the low-impact recreation by only permitting the camping sites as backpack camping only. Many guidelines have been set in the past to keep these goals intact also. Some of those guidelines include no harvesting of trees, plants, or minerals from the park areas. Another is to limit the use of vehicles as much as possible. The major objective of the park was to preserve the beauty for future generations to enjoy. It is extraordinary that many of these rules and values have been kept intact after nearly forty years.[7]


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