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Red Arrow Park in Marinette WI, is a waterfront park located at the mouth of the Menominee River and on the margin of Green Bay. Red Arrow Park has trails that run along the river and the bay, which make for nice views while walking/running or biking. The park has a pavilion which can be rented to host get-togethers and parties. There is a playground nearby and plenty of open space for recreational use. Across from the playground, there is a large beach area that has access to Green Bay for swimming.


Red Arrow Park was founded in 1945 in Marinette Wisconsin. The park was named in honor of the Marinette National Guard Unit, Co. A, 127th Infantry Regiment; Who fought in WWI and WWII. A monument was dedicated to the unit in July of 2000.[1]
Pictured is the monument at Red Arrow Park. Source: Red Arrow Monuments and Memorials

Bacterial Issues

In recent year E. Coli has become a problem around the beach area. A redesign of the beach has taken place to help improve water conditions. The water surrounding the beach has turned dark green numerous times and has resulted in the beach being closed. The lack of natural vegetation and the beach being too flat has contributed to this problem and is a major area of the redesign. A rain garden will also be added to collect runoff from the parking lot and surrounding areas. After all is done the total renovation costs will be up over $90,000.[2]

Seagull Bar: State Natural Area

Seagull Bar is sand spit and marsh located at the mouth of the Menominee River and on the margin of Green Bay. Leroy Lintereur, who was the area Game Manager of Marinette County was heavily involved trying to protect critical habitat, which led to the establishment of the 90-acre Seagull Bar.[3] Seagull Bar was designated as a State Natural Area in 1962 and is owned by the DNR.[4] Seagull Bay contains the only true dune complex along Green Bay and is an important migratory stage for birds. The sand spit shelters a lagoon and a large area of shallow water that provides a place for an abundance of vegetation to grow. The rich dune flora ranges from rush species in the wetter, sandy areas to marram grass, Canada rye, and beach pea on the dry dunes. The remainder of the area consists of mud flats and emergent aquatics.[5]


The area is noted as a bird migration stopping point. Some years during the spring and fall migrations thousands of shorebirds will congregate on Seagull Bar. The lagoon, in particular, is attractive to waterfowl. Seagull Bar is also considered a critical habitat for the Piping Plover. In 2001 a pair of Piping Plover nested there for the first time in 50 years.[6] Two more pairs have come back and attempted in past few years. There are two threats to the nests, human disturbance, and invasive vegetation growing in the area.[7]


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