290 Peer Review Assignment

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Complete the peer review process and submit a description (see below) to Canvas by Wed., May 8, 11:00 PM.

  1. Carefully read 2 articles by other groups, and give feedback on at least 2 of the following 3 aspects, using either direct edits or comments on the article's discussion page.
    1. Content and Organization:
      1. Is the article missing any important information?
      2. Is the article organized in a clear fashion?
      3. Do you have any questions about the interpretation or sources?
    2. Citation Checking:
      1. Is there a citation for all significant claims?
      2. Are all of the citations clear, complete, and in Chicago style?
      3. For help with citations, see Citations and Citing Archival Sources.
    3. Proofreading and Style:
      1. Lightly edit the article to correct any grammar or spelling errors or to reword awkward sentences, etc.
  2. Report your contributions on Canvas:
    1. See the Canvas Assignments page for the "Wiki Peer Review" assignment.
    2. Use the submission box to briefly describe which articles you contributed to and how. Three or four sentences should be sufficient.

Additional Instructions:

  • Use multiple tabs in your web browser to manage the review process:
    • This Page (for following the instructions)
    • Page being reviewed
    • Canvas "Wiki Peer Review" assignment (for recording what you did)