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The Central Wisconsin Chapter of Trout Unlimited is a branch of the national organization, Trout Unlimited. They are dedicated to the goal of restoring populations of trout and salmon as well as repairing their habitats. They also participate in several recreational activities that revolve around fish and nature.

Water Monitoring

Central Wisconsin Trout Unlimited has many volunteers known as River Keepers who monitor water sources that are home to trout and salmon. River Keepers work in cooperation with the Wisconsin DNR and the University of Wisconsin. CWTU monitors 25 lakes and rivers throughout Central Wisconsin. River keepers watch for invasive species in order to ensure that the environments remain safe for native species. They also monitor for pollution and other ecological threats. Teams of River Keepers also monitor the water itself to measure the speed that it moves at, presence of bugs, amount of oxygen in the water, and the amount of water that flows through the water source. [1]


Many members of the Central Wisconsin Chapter of Trout Unlimited fly fish on a regular basis. The group also holds events throughout the year to teach members of the public the basics of fly fishing. One such event is the CWTU Fly Fishing School. This event is held annually, usually around the beginning of June, and serves as a course in the basics of how to be a successful fly fisherman.[2] Another event is the Master’s Fly Tying course in which several skilled fly fishermen teach about their particular technique of tying a fly in order to teach newcomers and veterans of fly fishing how to improve their skills. [3]Trout Unlimited advocates for catch and release when fishing as it is the best way to enjoy fishing recreationally without harming fish populations.[4]

Trout Fest

Trout Fest is an event that takes place annually, usually at the end of February, in which CWTU brings in several speakers to talk about the many issues that their group revolves around. These issues include conservation, fly fishing, and education on the various species of fish in the area. This event includes many experts in the area on fly fishing as well as conservationists from the group.[5]


The amount of trout and salmon in many rivers and streams across Wisconsin has been falling for years. Research into populations of fish in Wisconsin rivers and streams, much of wish receives funding from CWTU, shows that many of them produce less salmon and trout each year. Groups like CWTU are needed in order to monitor and preserve populations of trout and salmon throughout Wisconsin.[6]


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