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Dreamtime Village is a place in a small southwest Wisconsin town in the driftless area called West Lima. It was founded by Lyx Ish and is focused primarily on permaculture, art, media, and sustainable living. There are many residents that participate and work in the community of Dreamtime Village.


Dreamtime Village was founded by Lyx Ish and other members from the Madison, WI area in 1990. This community focuses hugely on permaculture, hypermedia, and maintaining sustainability in the community. There is a noticeable art impact on the community, as well. It could be called an art farm, but mostly is considered focused on those other three aspects. The founders of Dreamtime Village own a number of buildings in West Lima that they use as headquarters for the village; some of the buildings include the post office, abandoned schoolhouse, and abandoned hotel. These buildings hold many of the art pieces that are generated by the residents and members of Dreamtime Village. [1]


Dreamtime Village is located in Southwest Wisconsin in a small community called West Lima. It is an unincorporated town that once had more than 700 residents along with many businesses and even a school. In the 1990s, West Lima's buildings and town were close to abandoned and the town lost many residents in the falling of the community. This is when Lyx Ish and other founders stepped in to build Dreamtime Village and spread their values throughout the community and state. [2]


Dreamtime village encourages visitors to come and visit the area and check out what it has to offer to the community, state, and nation. They accept anyone that wants to visit, but they only need people to let them know ahead of time and ask for a small donation to help pay for expenses. They do not, however, decline anyone that cannot afford to give the donation. You may bring your own sleeping bag and food to enjoy the opportunities that Dreamtime Village has to offer for you. [3]

Lyx Ish

Lyx Ish, also known as Elizabeth Was, was one of the founders of Dreamtime Village, along with mIEKAL aND. She was a musician and poet, along with enjoying painting, yoga, and improvisation. Her love of improvisation caused her to become a teacher to many people to spread the love of improvisation to them as well. Ish got diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer at the beginning of 2004 and passed away from it shortly after being diagnosed. [4] She had a big impact on the lives of people in Dreamtime Village and around the state and will be remembered by many across the state. The impacts she made on Dreamtime Village will live on forever in her memory.


mIEKAL aND is a co-founder of Dreamtime Village with Lyx Ish. He is also a poet and artist within the community. He has a studio in the community that holds his art pieces, books, and computer to fulfill his enjoyment of "digital video, avant-garde Web poetry, and the creation of type fonts based on pre-alphabetic language." He is a big contributor to the community and helps to ensure that the community stays up and running and is not exploited either. [5]


The largest value in Dreamtime village is the permaculture environment. Permaculture is a system of integrating people and more sustainable ways within the land and resources given by the environment. Permaculture can be aimed and used at urban or rural locations and levels. It has a lot to do with agriculture, aquaculture, animals, humans, and many more aspects. It is "the conscious design and maintenance of agriculturally productive ecosystems" and provides the basic and essential needs for people in a more sustainable way. Dreamtime village uses these values to provide for the ones that are living in the community and provide a more sustainable way of living. [6]


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