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The Encyclopedia of Wisconsin Environmental History (EWEH) is a collaboratively authored online reference work that is freely available to the public.

The EWEH is written primarily by students at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and is overseen and edited by Professor David Voelker (voelkerd@uwgb.edu).

The goals of the EWEH include:

  • Providing well-researched and accurate descriptions and analysis of key events, people, groups, places, issues, and concepts relevant to the environmental history of Wisconsin.
  • Serving as a resource for students, journalists, and scholars interested in Wisconsin history.
  • Encouraging further research into Wisconsin’s environmental history.

Given the evolving and ongoing nature of the project, the EWEH will take some time to grow into serving these purposes. The project was initiated in November 2015 and is still under active development, rather than being a finished product.

Disclaimer: The contents of the encyclopedia do not necessarily represent the views of either the editor or of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.

Additional Information

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