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Fact checking an article involves confirming the accuracy of a substantial number of facts contained therein. The accuracy of many facts can be confirmed using internet resources, but you may need to use library databases and other published sources to check some facts.

When fact checking, you should confirm 6 facts cited within the article. You should make minor corrections yourself. For major or complex errors, add the following note in parentheses to the main text:

(Note: This fact may be incorrect; see the Discussion page.) 

Additionally, add a note to the discussion page that identifies the problem. Sign your note using 4 tildes (~), as this will automatically add your username and a date/time stamp.

After you have completed a fact check, add your user name in brackets to the bottom of the page as a fact checker. After your username, add the date in parentheses, following the format shown in the Article History section of the Article Template.