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The Midwest Renewable Energy Fair is an event that takes place just a couple of times a year. In locations such as Wisconsin and Minnesota this fair allows for countless workshops and lectures that teach people about renewable energy. This is a topic that hasn't quite received the attention deserved, but these individuals are trying to change that. They show all different ways in which renewable energy can be used to run our everyday lives. Many of the workshops are run by actual industry professionals that design and work with these techniques everyday. Workshops, speakers, and shows this major event has it all and more allowing everyone to go out and learn more about renewable energy. [1]


In 1990, after being inspired by a magazine article, a group of friends took it upon themselves to take action towards renewable energy. They held their first ever renewable energy fair in Amherst, Wisconsin. Their first year was a success drawing around 4000 people for its first ever festivities. The first year was a big enough success that the group formed a non-profit organization to continue their mission towards renewable energy. Since the beginning this organization has seen a steady growth allowing them to build more resources and expand their operation. In 1999 they were able to move to their permanent headquarters in Custer, Wisconsin which is also the current location of the Energy Fair. The headquarters has been located there ever since and it is responsible for running both the Wisconsin and Minnesota fairs that take place every year. [2]

Programs Offered

The Midwest Renewable Energy Fair offers many programs to the people who attend that can teach them a lot about what renewable energy is and how to use it. Programs include topics such as solar electric, solar thermal, and small wind systems. Along with these major programs they offer other extra training sessions such as "Intro to tower climbing and safety". Each of these training sessions are designed to help teach the participants more about how renewable energy works and how to use it safely and efficiently. Each type of renewable energy has it's own course path that offers multiple hands on and classroom learning experiences for anyone to attend. [3]

Small Wind Systems

Their wind system programs are the most popular type of program that they offer. They have various classes that take place at different times throughout the year. One of the most basic of the these classes is the one listed above titled "Intro to tower climbing and safety". Once individuals feel comfortable they can go much more in depth than that. One class titled, "Wind System Repair and Maintenance", allows for individuals to come out and work on repairing and maintaining actual wind turbines that are owned by the Midwest Renewable Energy Association. They begin this type of program in the classroom before moving onto the actual hands on experience. However, participants cannot just start or move on to whatever course that they please. For this upper level class and others like it there are prerequisites that individuals must complete before moving on. [4] "Introduction to Wind Systems" is one example of a basic level course. It takes participants through a one day course that teaches them things such as how to define wind energy and identifying how residential energy systems work. The course is intended to help individuals make educated decisions about the design, sizing, and location of their own wind energy systems. This course is just the prerequisite for wind energy as the other programs such as solar energy have their own prerequisites that people would have to take in order to move on to higher level courses. [5]

Midwest Renewable Energy Association

The Midwest Renewable Energy Fair is ran by the Midwest Renewable Energy Association. The fair is one of the largest events that is run by this association but it is not the only one. They also run other events such as tours, action days and many other things. Among these events is something called "The Energy Fair Day of Action". This is a day dedicated to getting the supporters of the actual renewable energy out in their communities to try and spread the word about what they do. They contact radio stations, go door to door as well as utilize any other means to try and get more people to come out to the Midwest Renewable Energy Fair. This event takes place a few months before the actual event to try and give people a chance to plan for the actual fair. There is also another promotional event that people can volunteer for called "Move Some Earth Day". This allows people to go to the Midwest Renewable Energy Association site in Custer, Wisconsin. There they help clear brush and other landscape around the compound while also helping to promote the fair that is just a few months away. [6]


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